If you are buying a new home or recently purchased your house, you need to contact Shamrock for vital mold testing Fort Lauderdale residents can trust and learn why this assessment can ensure your biggest investment is healthy and safe for your family.Are you about

to sign a purchase agreement for a new home? Or have your recently purchased a house? If so, you’ve probably gone through the painstaking mortgage and home inspection process. But the latter may not have included a very important procedure that could mean the difference between health and hazard in your new place: mold testing. Home inspectors typically provide a thorough assessment of a building’s structural integrity and may even note visible mildew damage, but they are not required to conduct comprehensive evaluation of fungal growth…nor are most qualified to do so. In Boynton Beach and throughout Florida, dampness and high humidity, as well as the aftermath of storm damage, are key contributors to the proliferation of mildew in a home. And interestingly, for new or prospective homeowners, the energy-efficient way homes are built today may also be part of the problem, according to a recent Washington Post article that cited the unseen problems in new construction. A leading expert in the field of remediation noted that homes are now so “tight” that they don’t allow for much airflow in and out. Moreover, because basement studs are often installed before the foundation dries completely, moisture can get trapped in walls, resulting in an elusive mildew problem.

People buying new construction may not think mold is a concern. It’s probably not on their checklist. After all, the house has never been used or has not yet been exposed to the elements. No floods, no damage. But testing is worthwhile, and investing now in a reputable inspection company like Shamrock can mean less heartache later. Throughout the Fort Lauderdale area, we have been the go-to assessment and Remediation Company for more than a decade. With 25 years’ collective experience, our sterile swab surface sampling and state-of-the-art cassette collection of airborne spores are foolproof methods to ensure the safety and health of your new home. A third-party laboratory will evaluate and measure the findings, enabling us to determine if you do indeed have a fungal growth or mildew spore predicament in your home. We then write up a complete remediation and abatement plan and carry out the job—all within your budget and with friendly customer service. We pride ourselves on educating new homeowners, working in partnership with them and making sure their biggest investment is healthy for them and future generations. Contact us today for a free consultation.