The Inspectors


Johnny Mackey


With 8 years of experience as a licensed mold remediator, there are few things that Johnny Mackey hasn’t seen in regards to water damage and mold within residential homes. With that experience has also come the benefit of working with and learning from numerous mold assessors in the South Florida area.

In 2019 he decided to pursue a Florida State License for Mold Assessment through the organization NORMI who has been tasked with creating the rules and regulations for mold remediation in Florida and many of the surrounding states. Having learned from the best Johnny is confident he can help you with any of your Mold Testing needs and concerns.

When not at work, family is Johnny’s number one priority followed closely by soccer and time spent in the ocean.

Sean Toffey


Sean has been in the construction industry for nearly 20 years. With an initial focus on roofing and general construction, he made the transition into mold-related services 15 years ago.

Sean holds both the Florida State Mold Remediator and Mold Assessor licenses and has successfully completed over 2,500 mold-related projects.

His attention to details and vast knowledge of building construction makes him the ideal candidate to assist you with your indoor air quality projects.


Rob Dodson


Rob has been in and around the construction industry for 17 years, with experience ranging from ‘interior remodeling’ to ‘heavy marine and industrial construction work.’ He’s been in the mold-related services industry for over 5 years.

Rob’s strong points have always been problem-solving and customer service. His main focus is to communicate well, work hard, and to treat all aspects of the job with professionalism and respect. Rob enjoys working with his clients to create work plans that overcome the water and mold damages they’ve encountered.

Rob’s hobbies are reading, surfing, sailing, cooking, ice hockey, and golf, and he thoroughly enjoys them all.