In any case of mold remediation, it should be handled with extreme care and professionalism. Our team at Shamrock Mold are licensed mold assessor’s and can help remove any mold in your home or office. Mold can cause serious health issues, so it’s vital that if you sense any indication of mold, you should call Shamrock Mold Inspections immediately. With over 25 years of experience, we are your go-to resource for mold remediation in Palm Beach County.

Any process of mold remediation, we start with a thorough mold inspection to see what kind of mold we are dealing with and how we need to approach it. As we do our inspection, we’ll not only check the surface areas, but also, behind the surface areas as sometimes mold can grow beyond the surface.

If we don’t initially see any mold in our inspection for mold remediation, we’ll go through the process of Air Sampling and Surface Sampling. When we do an Air Sample, we take an air sample through a sampling pump, and it flows into a cassette. We then send the cassette off to the lab for testing. If we go past the initial surface for a Surface Sample, our team takes a swab or a lift sample, that collects physical evidence of the surface. Then we send it off to the lab for sampling. Once we receive the results, we’ll then proceed with attacking the mold infestation.

Mold Remediation can happen commonly in places that tend to soak up water, which will be a breeding ground for mold. If mold goes untreated, it can cause physical ailments like headaches, irritated eyes, and fatigue. Obviously this is not any condition for you, your family, or your place of work to experience. So if you think you’re dealing with a mold issue, please give our professionals a call at (561) 271-7684