What happens during a mold inspection?

If the mold infestation is obvious, our crew will take a sample of the mold to test and then create a treatment plan. Sometimes mold damage isn’t too obvious to the eye, so our test will have to take an air sampling or surface sampling.

If we don’t find the mold on the surface, we’ll use a few different testing methods to make sure there is or isn’t any mold. One method of sampling we can use, is Surface Sampling. During a Surface Sample, we can take a lift ape or swab sample of the area. Once we get an appropriate sample, we’ll send it off to the lab. Another method we can use is called Air Sampling. With an Air Sample, our team collects a sample through a sampling pump into a cassette. Then the sample is sent off to the lab for testing.

Mold can grow in modern homes around or in air conditioners, water filters, and automated appliances. These are just a few, but there are many ways for water damage to occur and then grow into mold.