Contact Shamrock to learn why mold inspection in Boynton Beach may be your best defense against harmful household mildew and bacteria.

For the most reputable mold inspection Boynton Beach residents can trust Shamrock to deliver the highest quality results and top-tier customer service. For individuals who are buying or selling a home, for business owners or for homeowners who are concerned about water damage in their houses, mildew assessment is often critical. This highly specialized process—when conducted by professionals—ensures the health and safety of a residence. When left untreated, serious mildew contamination can cause health problems such as runny nose, fatigue, headaches and eye irritation. Sometimes people even develop asthmatic symptoms. Moreover, fungal growth can weaken the structural integrity of a building, causing the weakening of ceilings and floors.

If you are concerned that the discoloration behind your refrigerator or near your bathtub may be mold, then professional inspection is your best bet. In Boynton Beach each, coastal humidity, water damage caused by storms and other sub-tropical elements can cause moisture to grow indoors. This can sometimes lead to dangerous levels of mildew behind cabinets, vanities and walls. Shamrock’s trusted professionals—who are licensed and trained—use the highest caliber equipment, including thermographic cameras, to evaluate the level of fungal growth. Sometimes, homeowners can’t see the problem because the problem is in the air. We collect air samples to ensure cross-contamination hasn’t infiltrated the HVAC system; air-conditioning units are prime places for bacteria to breed. We also conduct surface samples with swab and tape. All samples are tested by independent labs.

For the best mold inspection Boynton Beach residents have turned to Shamrock to conduct exemplary assessments and then recommend complete protocols for treatment and remediation. We also work in the Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton area. The safety of your home is our #1 priority. Our certified technicians have treated thousands of mildew cases with outstanding results. We have 25 years’ collective experience and have been in business for a decade. Contact us soon to schedule your appointment and see how we can make your home safer and healthier.