28 Oct 2020
mold inspection near me

Mold Testing Cost Can Be Affordable and Well Worth It

Contact Shamrock for mold testing cost that is not only budget friendly but well worth the investment instead of risky DIY removal.

Have you recently noticed any discoloration on the flooring behind your refrigerator or dishwasher? Or have you smelled that unmistakable damp, odor of mildew each time you enter your basement? How about the leak behind the bathtub walled that you concealed with grout? Any ideas what nasty stuff is growing behind your handiwork? If you are a homeowner or a landlord and the nagging thought of bacterial growth has you second-guessing the questionable stains and smells in your house or apartment, then you may need some serious mildew detection by the area’s most reputable licensed professionals at Shamrock. Our mold inspection cost is not only affordable, it may be the best household investment you make all year. With our budget-friendly mildew remediation plans, we alleviate your worries and make the whole project less daunting and more manageable for you and your wallet. A comprehensive evaluation of your entire residence can be done in one day—from the surfaces you and your family touch and use to the air you breathe. Behind major appliances, in attics, throughout basements, crawl spaces, garages, floorboards, walls, ceilings, heating and cooling systems…we cover it all for a price you can manage.

So if you’re looking for outstanding mold inspection near me you’ve found the best business in Florida. With 25 years’ collective experience, we’ve served your community with pride and dedication, unparalleled customer service and state-of-the-art equipment so you don’t get caught over your head with a DIY job that’s too much to handle. Don’t go it alone. Hire the experts. We use outstanding surface sampling techniques and air cassettes that can detect mildew right down to the most miniscule spore. Then we send our findings to a third-party lab that assesses not only the bacteria growing in your home, but the concentration, as well. Tackling these jobs can be tricky. Even the CDC warns not to mess with mildew; more harm than good can be done. We place the health of your home first and know how to distinguish the good bacteria from the bad without disrupting your safe environment. Say good-bye to sneezing, wheezing, headaches and fatigue that can be caused by toxic mildew. Don’t risk your health. Contact Shamrock today for a free consultation.

23 Oct 2020
Mold Testing

How Mold Testing May Reveal Serious Health Hazards in Your Home

For expert mold testing that can ensure your home is safe from harmful mildew, contact Shamrock, the licensed professionals that make your health a priority.

Most of us store away our old mementos in the attic, basement or closet, only to unveil them years later often covered in dust and smelling a bit funky. That mildew growing all over your keepsakes may be benign, or it may be the sign of something more pervasive in your home: fungal growth that causes serious health problems for those of us who are sensitive to the spores. These ailments may include upper-respiratory irritation, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, trouble breathing, headaches, fatigue and dizziness, especially in people who are extremely sensitive. To be sure that your home is safe from these potential toxins, mold testing can give you definitive answers. With Shamrock, you can trust our licensed inspectors to evaluate your surfaces and indoor air quality. Most homeowners don’t realize all the insidious places where bacterial growth can hide. These might include underneath carpets or area rugs (especially in bathrooms, basements or porches), on draperies or curtains, near kitchen cooking areas, on clothing that is stored away seasonally and even on indoor walls near leaking gutters and drains. Our inspections investigate these areas and many more. How do we do it? First our assessors conduct a comprehensive visual inspection. We check all surfaces using a precise lift-and-swab technique. We also rely on air sampling, in which air is collected through a pump and funneled into a cassette. We also check to see if your heating and cooling system has been affected, which is vital in Florida, where air-conditioning units run for most of the year.

These assessments include black mold testing. The effects of the different species of this type of fungus can be particularly dangerous for people with existing respiratory problems. In fact, a recent article in Medical News Today, noted that the toxins released by this dark-colored bacteria—which infamously grows on porous surfaces such as paper, fiberboard and fabric—can be very harmful to some people’s health. To determine whether these hazards exist, we send our samples to a reputable independent lab that tests not only the type of mildew present, but the concentration, as well. Our seasoned technicians will then write a rigorous protocol for treatment and remediation. With over 25 years of combined industry experience, our licensed technicians leave no area untouched in your house. We can improve the quality of life for all who entrust us with the health of their home. Don’t waste another day wondering if the stain behind your appliance or the bacterial growth in your basement is health hazards. Contact Shamrock today for a free consultation, and breathe easier.

11 Sep 2020
mold remediation palm beach county

If you need mold remediation, here’s what to expect.

In any case of mold remediation, it should be handled with extreme care and professionalism. Our team at Shamrock Mold are licensed mold assessor’s and can help remove any mold in your home or office. Mold can cause serious health issues, so it’s vital that if you sense any indication of mold, you should call Shamrock Mold Inspections immediately. With over 25 years of experience, we are your go-to resource for mold remediation in Palm Beach County.

Any process of mold remediation, we start with a thorough mold inspection to see what kind of mold we are dealing with and how we need to approach it. As we do our inspection, we’ll not only check the surface areas, but also, behind the surface areas as sometimes mold can grow beyond the surface.

If we don’t initially see any mold in our inspection for mold remediation, we’ll go through the process of Air Sampling and Surface Sampling. When we do an Air Sample, we take an air sample through a sampling pump, and it flows into a cassette. We then send the cassette off to the lab for testing. If we go past the initial surface for a Surface Sample, our team takes a swab or a lift sample, that collects physical evidence of the surface. Then we send it off to the lab for sampling. Once we receive the results, we’ll then proceed with attacking the mold infestation.

Mold Remediation can happen commonly in places that tend to soak up water, which will be a breeding ground for mold. If mold goes untreated, it can cause physical ailments like headaches, irritated eyes, and fatigue. Obviously this is not any condition for you, your family, or your place of work to experience. So if you think you’re dealing with a mold issue, please give our professionals a call at (561) 271-7684

17 Aug 2020
Mold testing fort lauderdale

Why Mold Testing for Fort Lauderdale New Homeowners is Essential

If you are buying a new home or recently purchased your house, you need to contact Shamrock for vital mold testing Fort Lauderdale residents can trust and learn why this assessment can ensure your biggest investment is healthy and safe for your family.Are you about

to sign a purchase agreement for a new home? Or have your recently purchased a house? If so, you’ve probably gone through the painstaking mortgage and home inspection process. But the latter may not have included a very important procedure that could mean the difference between health and hazard in your new place: mold testing. Home inspectors typically provide a thorough assessment of a building’s structural integrity and may even note visible mildew damage, but they are not required to conduct comprehensive evaluation of fungal growth…nor are most qualified to do so. In Boynton Beach and throughout Florida, dampness and high humidity, as well as the aftermath of storm damage, are key contributors to the proliferation of mildew in a home. And interestingly, for new or prospective homeowners, the energy-efficient way homes are built today may also be part of the problem, according to a recent Washington Post article that cited the unseen problems in new construction. A leading expert in the field of remediation noted that homes are now so “tight” that they don’t allow for much airflow in and out. Moreover, because basement studs are often installed before the foundation dries completely, moisture can get trapped in walls, resulting in an elusive mildew problem.

People buying new construction may not think mold is a concern. It’s probably not on their checklist. After all, the house has never been used or has not yet been exposed to the elements. No floods, no damage. But testing is worthwhile, and investing now in a reputable inspection company like Shamrock can mean less heartache later. Throughout the Fort Lauderdale area, we have been the go-to assessment and Remediation Company for more than a decade. With 25 years’ collective experience, our sterile swab surface sampling and state-of-the-art cassette collection of airborne spores are foolproof methods to ensure the safety and health of your new home. A third-party laboratory will evaluate and measure the findings, enabling us to determine if you do indeed have a fungal growth or mildew spore predicament in your home. We then write up a complete remediation and abatement plan and carry out the job—all within your budget and with friendly customer service. We pride ourselves on educating new homeowners, working in partnership with them and making sure their biggest investment is healthy for them and future generations. Contact us today for a free consultation.

14 Aug 2020
Mold Inspection Boynton Beach

Thorough Mold Inspection Boynton Beach Residents Have Come to Trust

For the most comprehensive mold inspection Boynton Beach homeowners put their trust in Shamrock because our professionals are licensed and experienced and make homes healthier and safer every day.

Check out any authority on mold, and you’ll find very similar caveats for choosing the best inspection company: licensing, experience, expertise in surface and air quality and, perhaps most important of all, the acknowledgement that mildew can be a genuine health hazard in a home, school or commercial building. In Boynton Beach and throughout southern Florida, Shamrock meets and exceeds all of these requirements and guarantees unparalleled service and

results. Multiple hundreds of clients have turned to us to assess and remediate fungal growth in their house. How important is trust? It’s tantamount to company pride and customer satisfaction. With more than 10 years in the industry and a combined 25 years of experienced, our staff has built a reputation in the community for impeccable assessment and analysis, knowledge of state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, superb planning for abatement and stellar follow-up in our warranty phase of service. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Families, school administrators and building managers can have peace of mind that the individuals working on their property are trustworthy, punctual and will deliver promises on time and within budget.

Leading mold authorities actually encourage potential customers to ask their inspection company if they consider mildew a potential health hazard. The answer should be a resounding yes. Harmful bacteria left untreated can cause physical ailments, including runny nose, itchy eyes, asthmatic problems, headaches and fatigue. The CDC roundly reports that some types of mildew can be extremely harmful. The tricky part is that these potential hazards cannot always be seen or smelled. Toxic bacteria can circulate through a home via vents, ductwork and air-conditioning units, which are often running day and night in Deerfield Beach. Homeowners need to be able to trust that their technicians are trained to decipher the good from the bad. Is the unsightly stain behind your refrigerator a source of bacteria? Is the discolored ceiling tile in the basement a casualty of a leak and is now rampant with mildew? Is your air truly clean and free from mildew spores? Let Shamrock give you a free consultation and peace of mind. Trust us to keep your home healthy.



22 Oct 2015

We Won The ‘Best Mold Inspection Company’ Award

Yesterday we were awarded with the ‘Best Landscaper Of The Country’ award. These award of excellence were awarded for projects we designed and installed. This awards reflect our commitment to creative design, ongoing excellence in engineering, and our ability to produce beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces of which people are proud.

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