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Shamrock Mold Inspections is a licensed mold assessment company with our main focus being the health of your home. In modern homes with air conditioners, water filters and automated appliances, there are so many opportunities for water damage to develop into mold. Most people don’t know that the air quality in their homes can pose a greater health concern than outdoor air pollution.

Our homes are often our most significant investment and where we spend the majority of our time. If left unchecked, mold can cause physical symptoms such as headaches, irritated eyes, runny noses or fatigue.

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Years in the Industry
Shamrock Mold Inspections brings a comprehensive knowledge of building construction and how water damage can affect your home.

Latest Technology
Our experience, coupled with the latest in available technology, allows us to give your home the most in-depth inspection possible.

Customer Satisfaction
When you choose to use Shamrock for your indoor air quality needs, you will receive the absolute best in customer service from our attentive team.